Waffles and Ice Cream


My daughter Stefanie and I decided to take a drive to the Jersey Shore one day last week. We were both in need of a day of fun and sun. Stefanie loves the beach and boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ. We gathered our chairs, beach towels, umbrella, sun screen, and reading materials and packed it in the trunk of my Honda Civic. The first stop is always Starbucks for our favorite latte and a breakfast sandwich. On to the Atlantic City expressway we go with the Beach Boys cranked up on the radio. I just love the whole experience! Upon arrival we setup our spot on the beach and relax in our chairs with our feet in the sand. After enjoying the ocean view for a while we walk up onto the boardwalk. There are lots of fun and familiar shops. We run in and out of shops and start seeking out what we are going to eat. I start thinking of the trips to the Shore, when I was a young girl. My Mom and Dad would take my brother’s and sister’s and I to the Keansburg boardwalk. We would ride the rides, play the games on the board walk, and eat all the fun food along the way. I loved the red candy apples with coconut around them and the cotton candy was a must, but my favorite boardwalk treat was waffles and ice cream.  Two waffles still a little warm with the classic chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla ice cream stuffed between. The ice cream would soften from the warmth of the waffles enough so you could get your mouth over it and it was just delicious. I haven’t seen waffles and ice cream on any of the boardwalks or beach towns in the last several years. But I keep looking. We decided on boardwalk pizza and curly fries with cheese. Later we would have Polish ice and bring salt water taffy home. We soak in the sun, read, dip our feet in the water, walk along the beach, take lots of fun and silly pictures, then as evening approaches we pack up and head back home smiling and talking about how much fun our day was. On the ride home we are tired from the sun and the ocean breeze, but all we can talk about is our next trip to the Jersey Shore.




Ocean city 1



Stuff your favorite ice cream between two warm homemade or store bought waffles. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “Waffles and Ice Cream

  1. You had a fabulous day…I love the narration. I wish I was there too, digging my feet in the sand, then splashing in the water, reading a book and then topping it up with a warm waffle-Ice-cream-Sandwich. Wow thanks for sharing!

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