Lemon Cake with Buttercream frosting

My sister Carol hosted a 90th birthday party for our Aunt Carolyn yesterday with our immediate family. Aunt Carolyn was my Dad’s sister and to my delight, the women I call God Mother. Aunt Carolyn was always involved in our lives as we grew up. I remember a few summers of my childhood going to spend a week with her and her husband, my Uncle Bob. They had the coolest house. It was so big, at least in my child eyes. The kitchen was huge and I loved the walk-in pantry. The shelves were filled with glass, and baking equipment, and a window inside the pantry with a pretty valence hanging and the sun shining in. There was a nice back yard to play as well, which made it perfect. One of the summers during my visit my aunt was working on a layette for my Cousin Shirley’s bassinet; she was expecting her first child. Aunt Carolyn was a seamstress; and made the most beautiful things. I remember the fabric was yellow gingham and it had lots of ruffles sewn into it. It was so pretty. At 90 my aunt doesn’t do much sewing, but she still does needle point a few hours a day until her eyes get too tired. My beautiful aunt always has a warm smile on her face and laughter in her voice. You feel instantly good when she’s near. Her hands are never idol, she believes in keeping busy, helping, and encouraging others. I have always admired her. I’m so grateful for her presence in my life. When my sister was planning the party, I asked her if I could make the birthday cake. She graciously said yes. I made a lemon cake, the birthday girl’s favorite with a creamy butter-cream frosting. I decorated it with a shell boarder and rosettes going around the top. I’m not a cake decorator, but I sure love trying. I was thrilled to do this cake for this special person in my life, and even more thrilled when after her first bite she smiled and said she loved the cake.

Celebrating 90 years with my Aunt Carolyn.
Celebrating 90 years with my Aunt Carolyn.
Celebrating with Aunt Carolyn.
Celebrating with Aunt Carolyn.
Birthday Cake.
Birthday Cake.
The birthday girl!
The birthday girl!

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9 thoughts on “Lemon Cake with Buttercream frosting

  1. Hi there my friend,
    Your blog always has a new look so sometimes I almost get lost. “you made a cake, and decorated with shell boarders and a rosette” so that means you’re feeling better and can use both hands by now? Please keep me posted of the progress. I’m so eager to hear more. Your aunt Carolyn sounds like a phenomenal lady. I love warm smiles and laughter. What else can one do with this life? Belated birthday greetings to Aunt Carolyn. I hope she enjoyed the cake. We all hope we’ll live to see our 90’s. Am glad to hear she is 90 and still has laughter in her voice. I wish you a fantastic week!

    1. Hello, so nice to hear from you. Yes I can use both hands. I have completed 5 weeks of PT. Just saw the surgeon last Friday and he said 6 more weeks of PT. Then he will decide if I can handle my baking job. I hope I’m ready at that time. It does take me a long time to do anything but no ones looking and I have the time LOL! Yes I do change the look of my blog a lot, I guess I get bored easily or I just want it to be user friendly. I only know I enjoy blogging and I’m glad your out there and enjoy my humble posts. Thank you for being there. Have a lovely week my friend:)

      1. Glad to hear everything is progressing well. At least you’re are trying albeit slowly. Things will get better with time, you’re now almost halfway through. I look forward to the day you’ll start baking again. I enjoy the fresh looks you give your blog every time. I am so lazy. I’ve never changed anything. When I do make a change it shall be a huge one (LOL). Take care and enjoy the rest of the week!

  2. How beautiful your tribute to Aunt Carolyn. It was a wonderful Birthday Party and the cake was incredible.

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