Cobb Salad

Having surgery has proven to be very challenging in many ways. Even more challenging is keeping your weight in check during the recovery. Having one arm to work with for the last four weeks has not been fun. I have had to learn to use my left had to do many things, typing is one of them. But even though the processes take longer, I still feel I can accomplish things. I could never just sit still. I was walking for exercise during week two and now in week four trying to get dinner on the table for my husband. He tells me every day, “I’ll just eat a bowl of cereal”. That would never sit well with me. It is week four and my sling is now off. I still have many restrictions, but I have a small range of motion and can lift close to a pound with my repaired shoulder. I also have the will to do it! With the help of modern conveniences i.e. clean lettuce from a bag, canned beans a little tricky, boiled eggs, and fresh deli meats, one can do amazingly tasty things. The salad dressing is easily homemade. It is very forgiving on the waste to eat a salad like this for dinner. There’s many more veggies and meats that you could add to this salad. I’m looking for simple, healthy, and filling. After my surgery I gained about six pounds which the Physical therapist assured me was normal. I have lost 3.5 of those pounds and don’t see a problem dropping the rest. I am developing a true love of salads. I’m sure it will be a little while before I post again. Wishing you a happy day:)

Cobb salad

For the salad. Use romaine lettuce, chopped, fresh tomato, chopped, a hard boiled egg, cut in four, deli oven roasted turkey breast, rolled up and sliced into thick rounds, a good handful of garbanzo beans, and a sprinkling of feta cheese. I used champagne vinegar, Dijon mustard, salt and pepper to taste, and extra virgin olive oil for the dressing. It was effortless and just delicious.


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9 thoughts on “Cobb Salad

  1. I am glad to heat that the sling is now off and you can even try to get dinner on the table. Please stop worrying about the next post and just focus on getting well completely. We totally understand. The salad sounds and looks delicious. The sort I would love to devoir at lunchtime. I enjoy salads most, at lunchtime. Have a wonderful week and wish you a speedy recovery!

  2. Glad to hear you’re recovering!
    This salad looks delicious! I’m actually trying to eat better as well and have been bringing in homemade salads for lunch. I’m almost out of the one bottled dressing I have, so will have to try yours out soon!

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