Cranberry Orange Scones


At Christmas time I just love baking special treats for family and friends. When I was deciding what special treat to give my mother-in-law Helene and my sister-in-law Mary I remembered how much they loved the cranberry orange scones I made at one of my Christmas tea parties a few years ago. They are so festive and would look just lovely in a holiday treat bag. I was out shopping with my sisters in the beginning of December and I had found the cutest little jars of honey and brandy butter. I new those jars would be perfect to put with my homemade scones and to complete the gift some good tea bags. As most home bakers know scones need to be eaten pretty much within a few hours of being baked to taste their best. They are the best just a few minutes out of the oven for that matter. I knew I couldn’t pull that off on Christmas day as Mom and Mary were coming to dinner at 4:00 pm. So I decided to make this special treat for just after Christmas. I got up early this morning and baked the scones. My husband Joe is braving the rainy weather to deliver the scones to the girls. It’s the perfect day for this special delivery!


Basket of scones are ready for delivery. I hope it brightens up this rainy day for two really sweet ladies.

DSCF4639  Thanks for stopping by!

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