Homemade snickerdoodles
Homemade snickerdoodles

These cookies have been the all time favorite of all my children. I started baking them when my oldest boys were just toddlers. Even now if I were to bake a special treat for anyone of them  these cookies would be so appreciated. I love the soft middle and the crunch around the edges. The cinnamon sugar that they are rolled in gives a delicious bite. The first cookbook I learned to bake out of was Better Homes And Gardens New Cookbook . The recipe I use is in that cookbook. I would never use any other recipe. The cookies are the best!


I use a stamp to flat the cookies. The recipe has you using  the bottom of a glass.


I rolled the cookies in a cinnamon sugar mixer. Then dipped the stamp into the sugar mixture and pressed the cookie slightly.


Baked till they were just golden. I love the middle of the cookie soft and the edges with a slight crunch.


I’ve packaged some to give away.


Kept a tin full for tea time.


This is one of the best cookies I ever eaten.

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