Bacon Eggs And Harold Cline

On Sunday morning’s when I was a little girl two things almost always happened. My dad would get up and go down the street to the local little corner store and purchase Kaiser rolls. On his return home the frying pan would heat on the stove and a pound of bacon would hit the hot pan. Dad would take a fork and pull apart the bacon so it evenly cooked. He then removed the bacon and would start cooking the eggs in the bacon fat. I don’t ever really eat my eggs this way but I will tell you they were delicious. I loved watching him scoop the fat over the eggs till they were perfectly done. The yolk was just right not to runny not too hard. My dad’s name was Harold Cline. Loving husband to Jane cline and world’s greatest Dad to seven children. The second thing that happened on Sunday mornings after breakfast Dad would start to get ready for church which included shaving with a brush, cream and a real razor. I used to watch him and at the end he would put a dab of the shaving cream on my nose. Then he would put on a suit and tie, we would all then be getting ready to go to the Methodist church in the little town of Union Beach where I grew up. My Dad’s birthday was in March and I was thinking of him this morning. I decided since it was a day off I would treat my son Tim to bacon and eggs the way his Granddad used to make and tell him a few old stories of days gone by.






Grace United Methodist church. Union Beach NJ
Grace United Methodist church. Union Beach NJ
My childhood home. Union Beach NJ
My childhood home. Union Beach NJ

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6 thoughts on “Bacon Eggs And Harold Cline

  1. Your brother Dave has cooked eggs and bacon every Sunday morning just like this. So now our kids have that same memory you just shared with us. Hopefully, this tradition will keep going on. We miss Dad as well (I always called him Pop). Thanks for the memory.

    1. I remember it well! Most of the family liked sunny side up, but I had to have mine over easy. I also remember a few more Cline favorites- Poached eggs, French toast and of course spam. Dad was a remarkable man, miss him more especially around Easter time. I think my favorite family holiday was Easter, even more than Christmas. Thanks for sharing:)

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